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Home Tasting
Girls night, boys night, any type of get together can be made into a fun wine or spirit tasting. We will help you choose a theme like “Around the world in Wine” and we can even use one of our Chef partners or choose some snacks to pair with the wines. You bring the people and we guarantee it will be a night your friends won’t soon forget.
$35 per person*​
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Corporate Tasting
Engage your team and connect with clients. Our Sommeliers can create the perfect wine or spirit tasting that will engage your team, and boost morale. These tastings can be  curated to fit all your corporate needs; from celebrating corporate milestones, staff rewards, product launches, and client events.
$50 per person*​
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Wine Tours
Some of the most beautiful places on earth are also wine regions. Utilize our experts to help you create an itinerary that gets you to the best spots. Or join our Sommeliers on wine tours, taking their expertise right to the source with you, guaranteeing you get the most fun and education out of your wine tour. 

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Restaurant Education
Our Sommeliers can help your wait staff team master the following.
-Offer advice if asked on a wine selection
-Present a bottle properly and execute the proper technique for  opening both still and sparkling wine
-Understand the proper pour amount and the pour technique
-Understand how to deal with corked wine, oxidized wine, tartrate crystals or a customer simply not liking a wine
$50 per hour*​
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Restaurant Menu Consultation
Creating a wine list can be both time consuming and intimidating. Let our Sommeliers assist by creating a wine list perfectly paired to your restaurants esthetic. Utilize our connections with wine reps to make sure you get the best wines at the best price points. We can even provide staff training on the list once you are ready to open.
$50 per hour*​
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Build Your Cellar
Ready to start investing in wine? Or do you have a wine collection started but are unsure what to drink and when? Let our experts help organize your wine cellar and provide buying advice on what which wines are the best investments based on your preferences. 

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